Stone Crusher Plant Price

Stone crusher plant price ranges from USD 80,000 to USD 2,300,000. Why is the estimated range of the stone crusher plant price list so wide? That is because we need to outfit different components for the stone crusher plant to meet your different requirements, such as budget, types of raw materials, crushing capacities, feeding sizes, finished product sizes, and other actual needs.

Correspondingly, different requirements will lead to different components, and different components will result in different prices.

200 tph stone crusher plant price

In Aimix Group, several types of stone crusher plants for sale are available within this price range, including stationary-type, mobile wheeled-type, and tracked-type. Besides, you can always find a suitable stone crusher plant with productivities of 30TPH~1200TPH from Aimix Group. Here, we list the price ranges with corresponding crushing solutions so that you can choose a suitable one on the basis of your budget and production requirements.

Price Starts from USD 80,000 | For Stationary-type Stone Crusher Plants

With regard to the stationary-type stone crusher plant cost, we can only give you a starting price: USD 80,000 for several reasons.

stationary-type stone crusher plant price

Reason 1: Free Matching of Parts – Definitely Affects the Final Price

The key components for a stationary-type stone crushing plant mainly contain the vibrating feeders, jaw crusher machines, cone crushers, impact crushers, VSI crushers, roller crushers, sand making machines, vibrating screening machines, belt conveyors, and generators. We can freely add one or more parts according to your requirements. So, different configuration will cause different prices.

APG-4211W Vibrating Feeder
Vibrating Feeder
APJ-7510E jaw crusher
Jaw Crusher
APC-200C compound cone crusher
Cone Crusher
impact crusher
Impact Crusher
APS-2160Y4 finished product vibrating screen
Vibrating Screen Machine

  • For example, we can use a jaw crusher and a cone crusher for your stone production line in case you need finer particle size for the finished products. Correspondingly, the price of a stone crusher plant with both jaw crusher and cone crusher is definitely higher than that of a stone crusher plant with only one jaw crusher.
  • There is another possibility: We can use a cone crusher or an impact crusher as the secondary crushing equipment in order to produce more suitable finished products in the light of your requirements. Correspondingly, with different secondary crusher machines, the stone crusher plant prices will also be different.
  • Additionally, the volumes of the belt conveyors will also influence the stone crusher plant prices.

Reason 2: Same Yields but different Configuration – Will Lead to Different Price

Under the same outputs, the stone crusher plants may be equipped with different configurations on account of several factors, such as different requirements for feeding sizes and discharge sizes, unequal raw materials, and so on. As a result, even though their outputs are the same, their prices are still very different due to different configurations.

For instance, in regard to 200TPH stone crusher plant, we can equip a cone crusher or an impact crusher as your secondary crusher machine to meet your different requirements for the discharge sizes. Thence, these two sets of plant will have two different 200tph stone crusher plant price due to different configuration.

Now, we will attach some cases for different sets of stone crushing plants with different prices for your reference.

Cases of Different Stone Crusher Plants with Unequal Prices

60TPH Stationary-type Stone Crusher Plant and Its Price

60tph stationary-type stone crusher plant for sale

  • Configuration: APG-3896W feeder, APG-3896W jaw crusher, APC-100D single cylinder hydroulic cone crusher, and APS-1548Y4 vibrating screen
  • Price: USD 156,000
  • Raw Material: Mountain Rock
  • Use Place: El Salvador

jaw crusher in a 60tph stone crusher plant for sale
cone crusher for a stationary-type stone crusher plant
60tph stone crusher plant price

100TPH Stationary-type Stone Crusher Plant and Its Price

100tph stone crusher plant price
stone crushing plant for sale

  • Configuration: APG-3895W feeder, APJ-6090E jaw crusher, APF-1214 impact crusher, APS-1860Y3 square swing screen
  • 100TPH Stone Crusher Plant Price:USD 155,000
  • Raw Material: Pebble
  • Use Place: the Philippines
  • Use For: producing construction aggregate to supply the need for our customers’ asphalt mixing plants.

jaw crusher in stone crusher plant for sale
stone crusher plant cost
100tph stone crusher plant manufacturer

Price Range: USD 550,000 ~ USD 2,300,000 | For Mobile-type Stone Crusher Plants

Aimix also supplies mobile-type stone crusher plants for sale in case you value more on the mobility to meet your need for mobile operations on the temporary workplaces, such as building demolition sites.

mobile-type stone crusher machine plant

There are many types of mobile-type stone crusher plants sale in Aimix Group, and their price ranges are between USD 550,000~USD 2,300,000. We supplies mobile jaw-type, mobile cone-type, mobile impact-type, moible jaw and cone-type, and tracked-type stone crushing plants for sale. Go on checking their respective prices, capacities, and features to decide which type will suit your budget and needs.

USD 950,000 ~ USD 2,300,000 | For Tracked-type

With regard to the tracked-type stone crusher plants, their price ranges are between USD 950,000 to USD 2,300,000. You can check their specific model details to choose the right one for your projects. Or you can contact us for advice about the model selection and prices.

tracked-type stone crusher plant
ModelAPYL-300CS Crawler Mobile Cone CrusherAPYL-260R Crawler Mobile Impact Crusher
Volume (m³)6.57
Crusher TypeSingle Cylinder Cone CrusherAPF Impact Crusher
Processing capacity (t/h)290-495160-350
Feeding height (mm)28704250
Feeding capacity (t/h)500300
Discharge range (mm)25-5425-100
Machine power (kw)308.7265.6
Host power (kw)250200
Walking speed (kw/h)0.6-10.6-1
Machine weight (t)5255
Dimensions L×W×H (mm)13850×3200×380018127×3626×3909


Track-type stone crusher plants can basically be used to crush most of the stone materials on the market, such as various rocks, bluestone, marble, granite, basalt, dolomite, sandstone, andesite, iron ore, molybdenum ore, ore tailings, and construction waste , crushing processing of coal, glass, ceramics and other materials. And they are widely used for sand and gravel production, mineral processing, and construction waste crushing and recycling projects due to its excellent performance of convenient transportation and flexible walking in harsh terrains.

Case of Track-type Stone Crusher Plant for Crushing Cobblestone

tracked-type stone crusher plant price

  • Equipment Configuration: 1 set of tracked jaw-type stone crusher plant, 1 set of tracked cone-type stone crusher plant, and 1 set of tracked-type screening plant.
  • Productivity: 500TPH
  • Price:USD 2,100,000
  • Feeding Size: ≤350mm
  • Finished Product Size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-15mm, 15-20mm, 20-30mm, and 30-40mm
  • Application: Production of construction aggregate materials.
  • Equipment Operation Process: The pebbles are fed into the tracked jaw-type stone crusher plant for the primary crushing process, and then transported to the tracked cone-type stone crusher plant for the secondary crushing process. Finally, the crushed materials are conveyed to the tracked screening equipment and screened into 6 types of grains.

track-type stone crusher plant cost
crawler-type stone crusher plant price

USD 730,000 ~ USD 1,240,000 | For Mobile Jaw and Cone-type

For mobile jaw and cone-type stone crusher plants, Aimix provides 4 models for you to choose. And their price lists are from USD 730,000 to USD 1,240,000. You can get the exact price after you have decided which model to buy.

mobile jaw and cone-type stone crusher plant
Feeder modelAPG-3090WAPG-3090WAPG-3090WAPG-3896W
Primary crusher modelAPJ-4060EAPJ-4060EAPJ-5070EAPJ-6090E
Secondary crusher modelAPC-600YAPC-900YAPC-110CAPF-1214
Vibrating screen modelAPS-1237YAPS-1548YAPS-1848YAPS-1848Y
Tire configurationParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Production capacity(t/h)16-4016-6550-10060-160

Mobile jaw and cone-type stone crusher plants are one of the most popular stone crusher machines in Aimix Group. It is also called Four-in-one machine because it integrates the feeder machine, jaw crusher, cone crusher, and vibrating screening machine in one unit. Until now, it is widely applied for many fields.

Cases of Mobile Jaw and Cone-type Stone Crusher Plants

30TPH for Mountain Stone

30tph mobile-type stone crusher plant

  • Model: APY4-4660S
  • Price: USD 730,000
  • Use Place: Madagascar
50TPH for River Stone

50tph mobile-type stone crusher plant price

  • Model: APY4-4690S 50tph stone crusher plant
  • 50 tph stone crusher plant price: USD 850,000
  • Use Place: the Philippines

USD 550,000 ~ USD 960,000 | For Mobile Jaw-type

There are four models of mobile jaw-type stone crusher plants for sale: APY2-57J, APY2-69J, APY2-750J, and APY2-110J, and their prices range from USD 550,000 to USD 960,000. You can check their applicable fields and models details, then tell us which model you are interested in to obtain its price.

mobile jaw-type stone crusher plant
Feeder modelAPG-3090WAPG-3896WAPG-4211WAPG-4211W
Crusher modelAPJ-5075EAPJ-6090EAPJ-7510EAPJ-110V
Maximum feed size (mm)425500630650
Silo volume (m3)45.377
Iron separator model (optional)RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-12
Tire configurationParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Main belt conveyor modelB650×8.5mB800×8.5mB1000×10mB1000×10m
Production capacity (t/h)45-10060-160110-320250-400
Weight (t)28395765

Mobile jaw-type stone crusher plant integrates a feeder machine, a jaw crusher and a discharge belt conveyor on a movable wheeled chassis. A mobile jaw crusher is usually used as the primary crushing equipment to process granite, basalt, iron ore, mountain rocks, and other types of hard stones.

Applicable Fields:

  • Mineral processing for mining industry.
  • Disposal of construction waste such as concrete chips, bricks and asphalt for construction and demolition projects.
  • Crushing and processing of raw stone materials to produce gravel, sand and gravel for the use in road bases, pavements and other road structuresroad construction, etc.

Application Case

Mobile Jaw-type Stone Crusher Plant for Crushing Mountain Rocks

mobile-type stone crusher plant cost

  • Equipment Configuration: 1 set of APY2-750J mobile jaw-type stone crusher plant, 1 set of APY2-200C mobile cone-type stone crusher plant, and 5 sets of belt conveyors.
  • Productivity: 200TPH
  • Price: USD 2,178,000
  • Feeding Size: ≤600mm
  • Finished Product Size: 0-24mm
  • Application Field: Production of sand and gravel for the supplying of our customers’ own concrete batching plant.
  • Equipment Operation Process: The raw rocks are loaded into the mobile jaw-type stone crusher plant for the primary crushing and then conveyed to the mobile cone-type stone crusher plant for the secondary crushing process.

USD 750,000 ~ USD 1,350,000 | For Mobile Cone-type

Aimix offers you 3 types of mobile cone-type stone crusher plant for sale, and their prices are from USD 750,000 to USD 1,350,000. Check the following details to see which type can meet your needs.

mobile cone-type stone crusher plant
Crusher modelAPC-110CAPC-160CAPC-200C
Vibrating screen modelAPS-1848YAPS-1860YAPS-2160Y
Maximum feed size (mm)160200215
Tire configurationParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel double shaft
Production capacity (t/h)50-23080-390120-420
Transport Length (mm)138001380014500
Transport width (mm)300030003000
Transport height (mm)440044004500
Weight (t)323742

Mobile cone-type stone crusher machine plant integrates a screening machine, a cone crusher, and a discharge belt conveyor on a wheeled-chassis. By means of using a cone crusher as its main crushing host, the mobile cone-type stone crushing plant is suitable for the secondary crushing process for the stone materials. The stone materials discharged by the mobile jaw-type crushed stone plant is less than 100mm and will be continuously transported to the mobile cone-type stone crushing and screening plant for the second-level processing.

Discharging Product Size

Customers who need a mobile cone-type stone crusher plant is in need of fine products within 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm, and 30-40mm.

USD 910,000 ~ USD 1,420,000 | For Mobile Impact-type

The stone crusher plant prices for the following 4 types of mobile impact-type automatic stone crusher plant are from USD 910,000 to USD 1,420,000.

Mobile impact-type stone crusher can meet your need for construction waste crushing and recycling projects.

mobile impact-type stone crusher plant
Feeder APG-3090WAPG-3896WAPG-3896WAPG-4211W
Vibrating screen APS-1548YAPS-1848YAPS-1860YAPS-2160Y
Tire configurationParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Return belt conveyor modelB650B650B800B1000
Feeder belt conveyor modelB650B800B800B1000
Under-sieve belt conveyor modelB800B800B1000B1000
Production capacity (t/h)70-150100-285150-350180-500
Weight (t)41455360

In general, there will be three tasks to be carried out before Aimix Group gives you the final stone crusher plant price.

  1. Tell us your types and hardness of raw materials, feeding sizes, actual requirements for particle sizes of finished products, application fields, and other projects details.
  2. Our engineers start to analyze your requirements and then submit a customized stone crusher plant to meet all your needs, including prouductivity and configuration.
  3. You check our solution and give us feedbacks or comments on solution revisions. Then, we make adjustments until you’re satisfied. Finally, we will give you the stone crusher plant price.

Contact us to inquiry for your own stone crushing solutions and stone crusher plant price now. As a stone crusher plant manufacturer of 10 years experience, Aimix Group will guarantee your satisfaction for both of our stone crusher plant for sale and our services!

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