Ventilator Machine for Sale

Ventilator machine is a kind of breathing machine that is mainly used to help patients breath. It is applied for those who can not independently breath or have been infected with coronavirus. It is also called as ICU ventilator because it is mainly used for patients in ICU. Aimix has three ventilator modes for medical supplies, and they are Y-25T ventilator machine, Y-30T ventilator machine and GA ST40P ventilator machine for sale. The follow picture is one GA ST40P model.

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Ventilator Machine for Sale in Aimix

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Main Components of Ventilator Machine in Aimix

  1. Monitor
  2. Breathing tube
  3. Low flow oxygen connector
  4. Air filter cotton
  5. Hose assembly
  6. Face mask
  7. Virus filter

ventilator machines for sale in Aimix

ventilators in Aimix

ventilator equipment

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Best Ventilator Machines Manufacturer-Aimix Group

Aimix is a reliable ventilator machine manufacturer. Our ventilator is with low price and best quality. Besides, we have other kinds of medical supplies and medical equipment for sale, they are meltbrown nonwoven fabric and disposable overalls and so on. Contact us for more information and ventilator machine price and delivery fee now.

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