What Are Aggregates and Their Main Types

Construction aggregates are granular materials used in construction materials such as concrete and asphalt mixtures. These aggregates usually include sand, gravel, pebbles, etc., and their role is to act as a strength component in the mixture, providing mechanical properties to the overall structure.


Construction aggregates play a supporting and filling role in concrete and asphalt mixtures and have an important impact on different types of projects. Because construction aggregates are used in such a wide range of applications, producing and processing construction aggregates is crucial today.

What Types of Aggregates Are There?

There are mainly 3 types of aggregates, and they include:

coarse aggregate
Coarse Aggregate

Coarse Aggregates

Coarse aggregates are mainly composed of larger particles such as gravel, gravel or pebbles. Its diameter is usually larger than 4.75 mm. Coarse aggregate plays a filling and supporting role in concrete and has an important impact on the strength and durability of concrete.

fine aggregate
Fine Aggregate

Fine Aggregates

Fine aggregates are usually smaller-grained materials such as sand or stone powder, with a diameter less than 4.75 mm. Fine aggregate acts as a filler in concrete that binds cement and cement, helping to improve the workability and fluidity of concrete.

Filling Aggregates
Filling Aggregates

Filling Aggregates

Filler aggregates are usually materials with smaller particles, such as sand, gravel, crushed slag, etc. Fillers are mainly used to fill gaps and improve the compactness of the mixture.

The selection and proportions of construction aggregates are critical to the performance of concrete and asphalt mixtures. Here are some of the main characteristics of construction aggregates in different applications.

Main Roles of Being Used for Producing Concrete and Asphalt Mixture

Concrete Mixture
Concrete Mixture

For Making Concrete

In concrete, the choice of aggregates directly affects the strength, durability and workability of the concrete. Coarse aggregate provides the main strength support of concrete, while fine aggregate fills the voids, allowing the cement paste to fully coat the particles. Aggregate selection is also influenced by the intended use of the concrete and the environment to which it will be exposed.

Asphalt Mixture
Asphalt Mixture

For Making Asphalt Mixture

In asphalt mixtures, aggregates play a key role in the strength, durability and resistance to water damage of the pavement. The selection of aggregates needs to consider the asphalt’s adhesion, deformation resistance and adaptability to temperature changes.

Overall, construction aggregates play an important role in building materials and are of great significance in ensuring the performance and durability of building structures.

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