What Are the Influencing Factors of Limestone Outputs?

One of the materials that the stone crusher plant can process is limestone. During the crushing process, the size of the output and the quality of the finished product are always issues that customers are concerned about. These two aspects are related to the benefits of investment. The aspect of limestone output is related to factors such as the configuration of the stone crushing equipment, and the nature of the feed. Let’s introduce these aspects in detail below.
300TPH limestone crusher

Different Configuration Can Affect the Outputs

When the stone crusher plant processes limestone, the output has a great relationship with the configuration of the equipment. The different configurations determine the overall performance of the limestone crusher.

According to different production needs, different main crushers can be selected. For example, in the coarse crushing stage, you can choose a mobile jaw crusher, and in the medium and fine crushing stage, you can choose a mobile cone crusher or a mobile impact crusher. Of course, these main crushers can also be used in combination.

mobile jaw crushers
Mobile Jaw Crushers
mobile cone crusher
Mobile Cone Crusher
mobile impact crusher
Mobile Impact Crusher

Whatever, different matching situations will make the performance of the equipment different, so the performance of the production capacity will naturally be different.

Crusher Equipment Quality Can Influence the Limestone Outputs

The choice of the quality of the stone crusher equipment will also affect the capacity of limestone crushing. Generally speaking, if the quality is good and there are few failures during production, the production capacity will be relatively high.
However, if the quality is poor, there may be more failures due to the need to shut down for maintenance results in low production capacity, so the choice of quality is also one of the factors that affects the production capacity of the crushed limestone in the crusher plants.

Related To the Properties of Limestone

For limestone, its hardness is certain, but its particle size and humidity cannot be determined.

  • If the feed particle size is larger, when the quality of the finished product is required to be the same, the production capacity will decrease.
  • If the humidity is high, it will easily cause clogging. It is not conducive to the production capacity, so the properties of limestone determine the level of production capacity.
  • limestone crusher with different size
    Limestone with Low Humidity
    Limestone with High Humidity
    Limestone with High Humidity

According to the above analysis, it can be seen that different configurations, diverse quality of the crusher machines, and different limestone properties will make the production capacity different. Contact us if you have other questions about limestone outputs.

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