What Is Mining

Mining is the process of extracting ore or stone from a mine using mining machines or extraction equipment. The minerals to be mined include ores and ordinary stones.

what is mining

Typs of Minerals to Be Mined

Iron Ore
Iron Ore

The ores usually include bauxite, coal, diamonds, iron, rare metals, lead, limestone, nickel, phosphorus, rock salt, tin, uranium and molybdenum. These metal minerals are considered to be important in the metallurgical industry. main raw materials.

Ordinary stones usually include granite, basalt, limestone, marble, river stone, etc. These non-metallic minerals are important chemical raw materials and building materials.


Mining Types

Mining technology is divided into open-pit mining and underground mining.

  1. The stone mining we commonly use refers to open-pit mining. Open-pit mines are mined using large quarries and have the characteristics of high safety, low production cost and high efficiency.
  2. Underground mining is a general term for mining mineral deposits using underground operating methods. It mainly refers to the layout of production mine tunnels and the integration of their excavation procedures and mining processes. Specifically, it includes digging and cutting tunnels in mineral deposits and surrounding rocks, recovering ore, transportation, ventilation, drainage and lighting, etc.

Machines Involved in Mining

  • The ore mining process includes: ore crushing, ore transportation, ore grinding, and ore screening.
  • Commonly used crushing machinery includes mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher, including mining crusher.
  • Mobile Jaw Crusher
    Mobile Jaw Crusher
    mobile impact crusher for sale
    Mobile Impact Crusher

  • Besides, the commonly used iron ore transport machines include belt conveyors and ore hoists.
  • Ore grinding machines include ball mills or rod mills.
  • An indispensable piece of machinery in the ore screening process is the mining screen.

Documents Required for Mining

Mining requires a mining license from the state or local natural resources department. During the application process, you need to provide information such as the location of the mine, resource volume, mining plan, environmental protection measures, etc., and only after approval can you obtain a mining license.

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