What Machines Are Required to Crush River Pebbles?

Crushing river pebbles usually requires the use of crushing equipment to process and crush the original river pebbles to obtain gravel that meets specific requirements. Generally speaking, the Mohs hardness of river pebbles is between 5-7, which makes it a medium-hard stone. Therefore, when crushing river pebbles, it is often necessary to use two or more stages of crushing equipment.

crusher machine

Most-used Crusher Machines for River Pebbles

The following are the main equipment commonly used for crushing river pebbles.

Jaw Crusher – Mainly Used for Primary Crushing Stage

Jaw crusher is mainly used for primary crushing. It has a fixed jaw plate and a swing jaw plate. The movement of the jaw plate squeezes and breaks the original river pebbles into smaller particles.

Jaw Crusher for Sale
Jaw Crusher

Cone Crusher – Mainly Used for Secondary Crushing

It is mainly used for secondary crushing, that is the stage of medium to fine crushing. It has a cone-shaped crushing cavity, and the river pebbles are squeezed into uniform particles through the rotating cone.

cone crushers
Cone Crusher

Impact Crusher – Mainly Applied for Secondary Crushing

Impact crusher is mainly used for secondary crushing, that is the stage of medium to fine crushing like the cone crusher. The high-speed rotating rotor and impact plate project river pebbles into the crushing chamber to achieve the crushing effect. Due to its special working principle, the impact crusher can produce cubic gravel particles. If there are special requirements for the discharge particle shape, the impact crusher is often the best choice.

Impact Crushers for Sale
Impact Crushers

Vibrating Feeder – Used For Feeding Raw Material

The vibrating feeder is used to evenly transport raw river pebbles from the storage bin to the primary crusher, namely the jaw crusher machine. It transfers river pebbles to the crusher machine through vibration, ensuring that the crushing chamber always maintains a suitable feeding state and improving the efficiency of the entire crushing process.

Feeding Machine
Feeding Machine

Vibrating Screen – Used for Screening Different Particle Sizes

Vibrating screens are used to screen crushed river pebbles and classify them according to different particle sizes. This helps to obtain different particle grades of gravel that meet specifications and ensures the quality and consistency of the final product.

screening machine
Screening Machine

Belt Conveyors – Use For Transporting Material

Conveyor belts are used to transport crushed river pebbles from one piece of equipment to another, or to transport finished products to silos or other storage facilities. It plays an important role in connection and transmission during the entire crushing and processing process.

belt conveyor
Belt Conveyor

The combination of the above equipment can be adjusted according to the specific requirements and process flow of broken river pebbles. When using these equipment, they should be reasonably configured according to factors such as the scale of the project, the hardness of the river rocks, and the specifications of the required gravel to ensure an efficient, safe and reliable crushing process.

New Recommendation of Crusher Machine for River Pebbles

Now, we would like to recommend you an efficient mobile crusher plant, which integrates the above-mentioned crushing equipment and can be moved freely.

  • Features: Has a movable chassis, integrates the feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, screener, and belt conveyors in one unit.
  • Advantages: No need to install each part of components, and all the parts are installed in a combined chassis. It can be put into production at any time and no assembly required.

mobile crusher plant for river pebbles

Cases of 4-in-1 Mobile Crusher Plant for Crushing Pebbles

mobile crusher plant for crushing river cobblestone

  • Use Place: the Philippines
  • Crushing Capacity: 50TPH
  • Applications: Produce 0-40mm construction aggregate for road paving construction project.

mobile crushing plants
In practical applications, appropriate crushing equipment is usually selected based on specific crushing requirements and engineering conditions, and a variety of equipment can be used in combination to complete the entire crushing process. Contact us if you have any problems for river pebbles crushing.

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