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Wheel loader machine is wildly used in road, railway, construction, port and mine projects to shovel bulk materials, such as soil, gravel and coal. With different auxiliary equipment, loader wheel also can bulldoze and lift materials, or load and discharging materials, such as wood.  as for the wheel loader function, compact wheel loader has a lot of function. For the road project, especially the expressway construction, wheel loader can excavate and fill the roadbed, aggregate and load asphalt mixture and concrete. Besides, it also can push soil, scrape the ground and draw other machines. As for its advantages, wheel loader is characteristic of fast operation speed, high efficiency, great mobility and easy operation. And Aimix can provide you with the best wheel loader for sale.

Introduction on Constitution and Working Principle

Wheel loader mainly consists of dynamic system, transmission system, working device, working hydraulic system, steering hydraulic system. Operation system, braking system, electric system, cab and other devices. Aimix can b e your best whee loader manufactures

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Dynamic System

Dynamic system of loader wheel mainly includes diesel engine and auxiliary devices ensuring the normal working of diesel engine. In details, it consists of diesel engine, fuel tank, throttle control assembly, cooling system and fuel lines. Among them, diesel engine plays a dominant role. When diesel engine drives the double variable drive transmission system, wheel loader can perform normal working function. Then diesel engine impels hydraulic system to order working devices, and wheel loader can complete shoveling, transportation. Lifting and tipping bucket. Diesel engine driving steering hydraulic system, wheel loader machine can deflect the frame and drive to somewhere.

Transmission System

Transmission system mainly consists of torque converter, gearbox, dive shaft, front and rear drive axle and wheel. With adjusting the torque and rotational speed by transmission system automatically, the wheel loader can automatically changes the speed and tension according to the road and resistance condition, which can adapt to changing conditions. Meanwhile, loader wheel can do stepless speed change automatically when the loader is in gear. Namely, loader wheel has a great acceleration performance. In case of slop or sudden obstacle in road, wheel loader can decelerate, increase traction automatically and runs at any speed. When the loader crosses the obstacle, wheel loader machine can speed up automatically in a short time. When shoveling materials, wheel loader can cut into the material stack at a high speed, and the speed increases as the resistance increases. Meanwhile, it will also decrease automatically to improve the wheel side traction, which can ensure the cut to materials.

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Shortly, the power output by engine is transmitted to gearbox through torque converter.  Then gearbox will design the speed and transmission shaft will drive front and rear axle at such speed, which ensures that wheel loader can run at a certain speed.

Working Device

The working device mainly consists of bucket, boom, rocker arm, pull rod. And boom has a single-plate structure, in which the back part joints the frame, front part connects with bucket and the middle part links boom cylinder. When the boom cylinder flexes, boom rotates around the rear shaft, which can make bucket up or down. As for rocker arm, it also has a single structure, in which the middle part connects with boom. When rotating bucket cylinder flexes, rocker arm rotates around its intermediate supporting point, which can make bucket flip up or down with the help of pull rod.

Working Hydraulic System

Mainly, it includes pump, distribution valve, rotating bucket cylinder, boom cylinder and tank. Generally, working hydraulic system adapts proportional pilot control method. By manipulating the lever of pilot valve, the flow direction of oil in distribution valve, then the bucket can go up or down or turn. Besides, working hydraulic system uses sequential circuit method. That is to say, the oil inlet mechanism arranges according to the order and pump will provide oil in sequence. During the working process, hydraulic oil is absorbed by pump through filter, then pump will provide some stressful oil for distribution valve. Next, stressful oil will enter rotating bucket valve, which has three bits. By operating the valve, the bucket of wheel loader machine can go backward and forward. When the rotating bucket valve is in middle, stressful oil will enter boom valve with four bits. By operating them, boom can rise, fall, close and float.

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Shortly, hydraulic system control the pressure of the whole system by the safety valve of distribution valve and mutual lock link circuit between boom valve and rotating bucket valve can ensure the working seed of loader wheel.

Steering Hydraulic System

Steering hydraulic system mainly includes steering pump, hydraulic steering gear, flow amplifying valve and steering cylinder. And its working principle is as follows. When the steering wheel does not rotate, steering gear closes its two outlets and the oil in pilot pump enters pressure selector valve. And the stem of flow amplifying valve keeps the middle position with the help of reset springs. Meanwhile, the oil path of steering pump and the steering oil cylinder is cut off, then the main oil path enters the working hydraulic system through the flow control valve of flow amplifying valve.

When the steering wheel is rotated, the oil discharging from steering gear is directly proportional to the rotation angle of the steering wheel. Then pilot oil flows into flow amplifying valve to control the movement of the main valve stem, which can control the flow entering steering cylinder. Due to the pressure compensation method adopted by flow amplifying valve, the oil flow entering steering cylinder is only connected with opening size of valve stem. Shortly, the steering angle of loader is related to the continuous rotation and feedback function of steering wheel. And the feedback of system is achieved by the steering gear and flow amplifying valve.

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How to choose a proper wheel loader?

In order to keep the normal running of wheel loader, and improve the working efficiency, there are some tips on loader wheel you need pay great attention to.

  1. Check if there is enough lubricating oil and cooling water in diesel engine before driving wheel loader. Lack of oil and water will damage the crank, piston, cylinder and other parts.
  2. Check if the water temperature, oil pressure, induction plug and dashboard are normal before running the loader. If not, find the reason and solve them immediately.
  3. Start the engine before running, and make it idle running for ten minutes.
  4. When the engine is working, you cannot touch the part with high temperature; you cannot close to the fan, belt, pulley and other rotating part; you cannot open water tank cover and engine oil cover. Meanwhile, don’t put anything into rotating part.
  5. Don’t turn, brake the loader, and drive it at a high speed on the road easy to slide.

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Features and Advantages of Wheel Loader:

  1. Wheel loader machine is characteristic of good mobility and flexible operation, which makes it swerve easily on road.
  2. The wheel loader control the rotation of loader and cylinder drives the rotation of front wheel.
  3. The turning radius is small, so it is quite suitable to work in a narrow place.
  4. Wheel loader is one of construction machinery, which has most rapid development, high market demand.


Item ZL-08 ZL18 ZL30
Rated Loading Capacity(kg) 800 1800 3000
Capacity of Standard Dipper(m3) 0.4 0.6 1.7
Engine Type L24A 4100/4102 6150
Rated Power(kw) 17 40/47 85
Discharging Height(mm) 2750 3500 3400
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 4400×1620×2300 4800×1700×2700 6960×2630×3400
Transmission TYpe Mechanical Mechanical/Arber Fixe Straight Tooth
Tire 7.50-16 16/90-16 17.5-25

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